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Below are some project photos and descriptions that reflect our recent work in the Corporate Interior market.

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Insulet Corporate HQ

Acton, MA

Insulet Corporation is a medical equipment supplier, located on a 25-acre lot at 100 Nagog Park in Acton, MA. The company invested 500 million dollars into their US campus which included, in part, a 180,000-SF renovation of an existing 3-story office building. The project created administrative office space, a customer call-center, training/classroom areas, commercial cooking kitchen and cafeteria sized to accommodate over 300 employees, fitness center, as well as the 3rd floor which consists of a series of Executive Suites as well as the company Boardroom. In addition to 100,000-SF of cGMP Clean Manufacturing Space, the project also included a 35,000-SF warehouse, as well as a 4-level structured parking garage. MEP-FP design features included a 3,000-Ton Chiller plant, cooling towers, fire pump, 13.8-kV medium-voltage distribution, standby generator and UPS. Sustainable design measures coordinated with servicing utility company, Eversource. Measures employed to coincide with eligible incentive programs for mechanical equipment selection, VFD's, lighting and lighting control. Interior lighting COM check compliance 52% better than 2015 IECC requirements.

100 Federal Street

Boston, MA

100 Federal Street, is a high rise structure, located in the Financial District of Boston, Massachusetts. The skyscraping tower, rises 591 feet and 37 floors, and is Boston's eighth-tallest building. HFF, now part of JLL, is a leader in commercial real estate services. Avid Engineers worked with HFF to design the MEP-FP systems for their offices at 100 Federal. Off hours site surveys, and detailed building investigations were required to assure Avid’s design could be constructed within space limitations. Of particular note was the presence heating from hot water perimeter induction units which work in conjunction with air from building air handling equipment to create a comfortable space.

GCP Applied Technologies

Cambridge, MA

For the last 10 years, Avid has been the designated engineer supporting GCP Applied Technologies’ activities throughout their 30 building campus in Cambridge, MA. Avid’s designs have include a complete rebranding effort brand aimed at highlighting the cutting edge, research and development capabilities of that this construction product supplier provides. Avid has completed multiple designs, aimed at modernizing both GCPAT’s R&D Laboratories and administrative support areas. Improvements ranging from a front entrance improvement, to the design of Class A executive suites, a new gymnasium, a rebuilt cafeteria and mechanical refresh of the R&D lab building highlight Avid’s strong relationship with this unique and growing client.


Jaffrey, NH | Danvers, MA | Bedford, MA

MilliporeSigma is a global life science company with the goal of accelerating accessibility for better heath for people everywhere. The company designs, tests, and manufactures their medical products while also offering services in the research and drug development fields. For 14 years, Avid has held a master service agree with MilliporeSigma’s and in that time has completed projects at their headquarters in Burlington, MA as well as in their Danvers MA, Bedford, MA and Jaffrey, NH facilities. Avid’s work has included dozens of projects and hundreds of thousands of square feet including many designs, on several projects, which including incredible office renovations, cleanrooms and infrastructure upgrades.

DCU Corporate Headquarters

Chelmsford, MA

DCU, or Digital Federal Credit Union, is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Avid Engineers partnered with DCU to design their new headquarters at 297 Billerica Road in Chelmsford, MA. The project scope included 129,000-SF of administrative office space to house their global operations. The building includes numerous collaboration spaces, a state-of-the-art data center, training rooms, an in-house café, game room and more. Installation of redundant, full-building stand-by generators were provided to protect crucial building systems. Avid Engineers has designed and worked with DCU on multiple projects for their facilities. These projects include a number of instances where DCU relied on Avid’s creativity to utilize existing building systems. and to utilize available equipment.

31 St. James Avenue

Boston, MA

The Great American Insurance Group has serviced their insured for over 150 years. Their Boston office is located at 31 St. James Avenue, and when space improvements were needed, GAIC selected Avid Engineers to prepare the design. Avid’s attention to detail ensured GAIC was thrilled with the design,a nd on completion Avid continued the work in the building with HNTB Corporation - an infrastructure design firm that has designed many sports facilities, airports, bridges, tunnels, roadways and rail and transit systems across the United States. Avid Engineers was responsible for all MEP-FP design elements which included significant modifications to existing building systems.

Progress Software Administrative Office Reconfiguration

Bedford, MA

Progress Software is a provider of consulting and training services related to business development and management. Located in Bedford, MA, the 40,000-SF renovation included the reconfiguration of administrative office space to accommodate relocation of personnel. The effort included extensive field survey and verification of existing systems to facilitate reuse/reconfiguration of HVAC ductwork and equipment. This also included reuse of any lighting and other existing utilities throughout the space. Program entailed open concept office space with a series of collaboration and huddle rooms throughout. Avid Engineers worked closely with Progress Software staff to ensure that the reconfigured space was to their satisfaction.

GE Healthcare Systems | 251 Locke Drive

Marlborough, MA

GE Healthcare Systems is a leading global medical technology and life sciences company. Avid Engineers has worked with GE on a number of laboratory projects and was invited to participate in their 38,000-SF office fit out at 251 Locke Drive in Marlborough, MA. The project scope included the renovation of second floor office space as well as the expansion of the existing second floor bathroom. The mechanical system utilized the existing hot water boiler system and four existing rooftop units to support new variable air volume and fan-powered terminal boxes with new hot water piping, branch ductwork, and diffusers and registers.


Lowell, MA

ARRIS is a manufacturer of equipment, and innovator in the field of IP, Video and Broadband Technology. The 200,000-SF project consists of a multi-phased repositioning of laboratory and office administrative spaces throughout three office towers. The program entailed renovations over multiple floors within existing / occupied buildings. A portion of this project was the renovation of the existing office space at ARRIS. The effort included extensive field survey and verification of existing MEP-FP systems. Avid was able to utilize a combination of the existing systems while providing any new equipment necessary to facilitate the new office space design.

IPG Photonics

Oxford, MA

IPG Photonics is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse applications in numerous markets. Avid Engineers has supported IPG throughout a 15 year partnership and has been responsible for the design of vast portions of IPG’s Oxford campus, including ground up designs for a number of new buildings on site. One such building housed the Laser Testing & Application program. This design included the ground up construction of 3-story 65,000 SF facility with multiple testing and applications laboratories and assembly rooms, as well as sales and administrative offices with associated conference/meeting rooms. Included was the building support services – shipping/crating area, employee break room/ cafeteria, data center/server room, and connector corridors to existing adjacent buildings. The HVAC designs at IPG Photonics have included 750-ton water cooled, rotary screw chiller plants, 250-ton dry cooler farms and cooling tower relocations. Building-4 included 350-tons of self-contained air handling units. Temperature/humidity specifications were 65°F and 50% RH. The assembly/Testing and Research areas were classified as ISO 7 or 8 cleanroom space where pressurization gradients were maintained with process exhaust supported fume hoods, equipment evacuation processes, and canopies.

The Bose Corporation

Framingham, MA

Bose Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio products and devices. As a longtime partner, Avid Engineers has spent more than a decade participating in the design of numerous administrative suites at Bose’s Headquarter campus on “The Mountain” in Framingham, MA. With a constant eye toward sustainability, Avid’s work has included many environmentally-friendly design elements, including the use of light-wells, the creation of detailed energy management sequences and improvements in equipment efficiency. In addition, while working across significant portions of Bose’s facilities, Avid has designed a number of sound-proof testing labs, and research and development areas.

500 Boylston Street

Boston, MA

Only a few doors from Avid’s Boylston Street address, resTORbio is a pharmaceutical company located in Boston, MA. Their focus is on new and innovative research into medicines to prevent or treat aging-related diseases and ailments. Avid Engineers worked with resTORbio to renovate their 7,500-SF office space on the 13th floor of 500 Boylston Street. When resTORbio acquired the space, it was in “white box” condition, which meant that Avid was able to design the space to resTORbio’s liking using the available building utilities. The space was designed to be cooled by VAV and series fan boxes and heated with electric heating coils. The space consisted primarily of conference and open office spaces.