Distribution Centers

Below are some project photos and descriptions that reflect our recent work in the Distribution Center market.

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FW Webb Distribution Center

Londonderry, NH

FW Webb is a distributer of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional products. Avid Engineers assisted FW Webb in the design of its northeast Hub, totaling 1.3 million SF. The two-story structure is comprised of over 900,000-SF, which includes over 700,000-SF of warehouse space. Within the warehouse there are automated conveyer systems with racking extended to 40-ft elevations for increased utility. The space is controlled with occupancy sensors and direct HVAC units that maintain temperatures set by FW Webb.

New England Ice Cream – Frozen Distribution Center

Norton, MA

NEIC is a distributer of frozen food products. Avid Engineers designed the 57,000-SF distribution facility in Norton, MA. The facility included 3,300-SF of freezer space, for which Avid designed the plumbing and electrical components that allow the freezer to function optimally. This space is a crucial piece of the frozen food distribution center therefor, it is of the upmost importance to maintain proper functionality. Avid Engineers also provided the docking stations with supplemental power for refrigeration equipment. The distribution center’s design also included pre-action fire protection systems within the freezer areas.

Potpourri Group Fullfillment Center

Littleton, MA

Potpourri Group Inc. (PGI) is a leading multi-brand direct to consumer merchant. PGI is a collection of 15 different brands and distributes products such as bedding, apparel, pet accessories, gifts, children’s toys, jewelry and more. Avid Engineers designed Potpourri’s 700,000-SF distribution center, located in Littleton MA. The MEP-FP design included the addition of fire pumps, ESFR fire protection, high bay racking and conveyer systems within the warehouse. Avid’s design also included detailed storm water design, direct natural gas, and fire heating and ventilating units in order to manage and maintain a set temperature within the space.

7/11 Distribution Center

Bellingham, MA

7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores. Avid Engineers was responsible for the MEP-FP design of the 7-Eleven distribution center located at 353 Maple Street in Bellingham, MA. The 250,000-SF ground up distribution center supports 7-Eleven’s activities in the northeast region of the United States. The building design includes several truck drive thru’s, equipped with sand and oil separators in order to keep the wastewater system free of contaminants. The warehouse uses gas fired heating and ventilation units with economizer capacity to manage and maintain space temperatures.

Millstone Medical

Fall River, MA

Millstone Medical Outsourcing is a packaging and distribution company that specializes in assisting medical device manufacturers (OEMs). The company offers clean room packaging, medical device specific warehousing, finished goods distribution, loaner kit management, advanced inspection and after-market services for their clients. Avid Engineers was responsible for the MEP-FP design of Millstone Medical’s facility located at 580 Commerce Drive in Fall River, MA. The 56,400-SF facility is primarily warehouse space and adjacent loading dock space along with inspection stations and offices. The space is served by eight rooftop units, each dedicated to a specific zone in the building.