What We Do

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering
Fire Alarm Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Telecommunication Design
Process Engineering

Project Management
Cost Estimating
Energy Modeling
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Equipment Procurement
LEED Accreditation

3D/BIM Modeling
Energy Audits
Due Diligence Evaluations
Security Design
Short Circuit Coordination Studies
Construction Administration

MEP-FP Engineering

Industry leading Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm, Telecommunication and Process engineering at all stages, for all types.


Our LEED certified staff ensure that your design and construction efforts meet both the immediate and long term goals of your project – reducing operational cost, optimizing facility performance and promoting thoughtful, energy efficient systems.

Process Engineering

Bulk Chemical Delivery, General Arrangement and Process Flow Development, Industrial Manufacturing Process Design, cGMP Production Environments, Process Cooling/Power and Specialty Gas design, and a multitude of detailed design services related to our client’s intellectual property.

The team at Avid has been a long term partner to Millipore-Sigma and, in their tenure, has serviced, or renovated, nearly every corner of the Jaffrey manufacturing facility. Their presence has been key to the success and continuity of the plant and their value can’t be overstated.”
George Carmichael, Millipore-Sigma

Avid Engineers' Role

An engineer’s job is to be an expert at what they’re doing, to execute that role with professionalism, and to understand how their work integrates with those around them. All project stakeholders, from designers to contractors, from investors to owners, fail or succeed as a group. A successful engineer is a selfless engineer, who is pleasant, friendly and respectful, and who is proactive in sharing their experience in order to help others succeed. Somehow, when you prioritize on success, everything else has a way of working itself out.


Avid doesn’t need your help to do our work. We are experts at managing projects. We thoughtfully review peer designs, proactively identify coordination tasks, and organize logistics to maintain schedules.

Prime or Sub consultant

Avid is excellent at managing complex engineering projects from a prime consultant position. We do so frequently and with confidence. However, we are equally comfortable working as a sub-consultant to our designer peers. When doing so, our experience as a prime consultant helps us view projects from a macro level, and our understands of happenings outside of our office, allows us to do a better job supporting the prime consultant’s objectives.

Project Stakeholders

The goal is not for Avid to be successful, but for the client to be successful. Avid isn’t interested in passing blame, or explaining away things that have gone wrong. Avid is interested in participating in successful projects with happy clients. We consider ourselves a project stakeholder that recognizes the importance of client service and works to build relationships that lead to on-going business development. This makes us a better consultant, designer and partner.